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Fitting Horses to Improve Comfort and Performance

Turtle Top Snaffle Loose Ring Bradoon

$264.00 USD

Neue Schule Bits were designed specifically to help the horse and rider communicate better. Their holistic approach represents a "new school" in bit design that focuses on using the best materials to aid equine comfort while crafting bits that properly fits the horse's mouth.

The Turtle Top™ Snaffle Loose Ring Bit in 55mm is an anatomy-inspired double jointed bit with increased stability to optimize alignment of the mouthpiece with the tongue and palate. The center link features the Turtle Top™ shape which resembles the shell of a box turtle and works to lower palate pressure and prevents the cannons, or barrels of the bit, from being pushed upwards into the palate. The Flex concept co-aligns the surfaces of the mouthpiece with the sensitive surfaces of the equine mouth. This is aided by the gentle curve cannons that form a wide arch aligned over the tongue and held in position by the Turtle Top™. This allows the Flex to be more securely centered on the tongue and therefore more resistant to being pulled through the mouth. 

Unique to Neue Schule Bits is the material they are made from, which is known as Salox® Gold. This particular material works rapidly to reach the horse's mouth temperature so that the bit feels more natural while the softer metal prevents damage to the horse's teeth but still remains extremely tough and durable. Finished with the addition of aluminum to prevent the bit from having any distracting taste or smell, the Neue Schule Bits are an excellent addition for any rider looking to improve communication between themselves and their equine partner.