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Fitting Horses to Improve Comfort and Performance

Boot Fittings


 Cavallo Boots

Cavallo offers high quality equestrian riding boots that are made to impress.  Each boot can be custom designed to match your style!  From classic looks to pearls and glitter, Cavallo boots are unique each time a new boot is made.  
gray leather with gray reptile print cuffs dressage boots
While we would love to put every option on our website, there are simply too many boot combinations for us to add!  We would be happy to go over these with you and answer any questions, for now we'll just leave these lovely pictures here.  

Tattini Boots

Founded in 1860 in Spoleto, Italy. Tattini now has a US warehouse.  Offering premium quality, comfortable riding boots with air boost technology.  



Kim and Felicia now offer boot fittings and look forward to helping you design your boots!  Please email, text, or call to schedule your fitting: info@bitsnsuch.com or (901) 286-8892.