Tota Comfort Systems Bridles

The full size Tota Comfort Noseband is 11.5 inches between the cheek pieces and overall the crank will adjust from 20-30 inches around the nose. The Cob will run 10 inches between the cheek pieces over the nose and overall about 17-25 inches around the nose.The oversize is about 1.5″ larger than the full.

On a full size bridle the bit straps adjust between 42″-46.5″ long,  a cob is about 2″ shorter and a oversize about 2″ bigger. If you measure the leather of your existing bridle this should give you a good idea of where to start in selecting a size.

These measurements are only a guide and can’t be guaranteed as perfect. Feel free to contact us with any questions! (901) 286-8892.


Shockemohle Bridles


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