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Fitting Horses to Improve Comfort and Performance

Felicia's Bit and Bridle Fittings

Felicia is available for Bit and Bridle Fittings throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Felicia started her career in the equine industry at The Pennsylvania State University, graduating with an Animal Science major and an Equine Science minor.  She holds a PATH Riding Instructor certification.

After meeting Kim, Felicia started a year of apprenticeship, learning to fit bits and bridles correctly.  She spent 2 seasons in Florida working with Kim, top international riders and para riders.

Felicia works with Herm Sprenger, Neue Schule, Bomber, Nathe, and Myler bits and Tota Comfort System, Passier and Schoekemoehle anatomic bridles.

To schedule a fitting please call (901) 286-8892

or email info@bitsnsuch.com