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Fitting Horses to Improve Comfort and Performance

Bit and Bridle Clinics

Kim's Bit and Bridle Clinics

Kim is available for her very popular bit and bridle fitting clinics. She is also available daily for individual fitting sessions in the Wellington area throughout the winter season.

She has quickly become highly sought after for her unique clinics which provide riders with the ability to try many different bits and bridles in sessions guided by Kim. She works with riders one-on-one in a traditional clinic format and also welcomes student/trainer combinations enabling them to work comfortably as they would in a lesson.

The clinics are structured in a way so that they are educational and are ideal for a fun and beneficial barn clinics. They are great educational clinics for GMOs.

Kim works with Herm Sprenger, Neue Schule, Bomber, Nathe, Myler bits and  Passier and Schoekemoehle anatomic bridles. She also believes that these bridles can significantly improve the comfort and the performance of many horses. Kim only works with products that she has experienced making a positive improvement in horses.


Scheduled Clinics 2022:

May 5 & 6: Santa Rosa, CA

   Please contact Jaki Hardy jakihardy@yahoo.com


May 25 & 26: Boston, MA

   Please contact Melanie Cerny mtmcerny@hotmail.com


June 3, 4 & 5: Scottsdale, AZ

  Please contact Missy Gilliland missygilliland1@gmail.com

June 14: Huntsville, AL

   Please contact Heidi Rose alfaista@me.com

June 15: Smiths Grove, KY

   Please contact Savannah Louma


July 9 & 10: Pittsburgh, PA

   Please contact Heather heather@saddles101.com or Jan Baumann janispbaumann@gmail.com

July 26 & 27: Aiken, SC

   Please contact Melissa Vaughn vaughn.eq@gmail.com

August 3 & 4: Sandy, UT

   Please contact Anne MacDonald aem4588@gmail.com

September 9 & 10: Petaluma, CA

Please contact Amber Levine cellarfarm@yahoo.com

September 20 & 21: Houston, TX

Please contact John Mason jmason022@yahoo.com

October 6 & 7: Scottsdale, AZ

Please contact Missy Gilliland missygilliland1@gmail.com

November 29 & 30: Denver, CO

Please contact Elizabeth Fera elizabethdfera@outlook.com

 Felicia's Bit and Bridle Clinics


Felicia has trained under Kim for 4 years.  She is also in Wellington for the winter months, travels the country for fittings and lives in the Mid West.
May 18, 19 & 20: Rochester, MN
Please contact Julie Christiejulie4141@gmail.com
June 29 & 30: Grant, MN
Please contact Kelly Vallandigham kellylvallandingham@gmail.com
September 14: Neenah, WI
Please contact Felicia info@bitsnsuch.com
September 24: Sheboygan, WI
Please contact Felicia info@bitsnsuch.com
October 1: Greenbay, WI
Please contact Alexandria Andrasko amandrasko@yahoo.com
To schedule a clinic please contact us at: 901-286-8892 or email us at info@bitsnsuch.com