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A metabolic pH balance with electrolytes, anti-oxidants and branch chain amino acids.

Turbo-Mag BCAA is a unique blend of minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and electrolytes designed to support your horse’s desired hydration level, stress resistance, immune function and stamina while maintaining a normal temperament. Turbo-Mag BCAA provides additional support for muscle recovery after exercise with the inclusion of branched chain amino acids. Turbo-Mag BCAA is different from any other electrolyte product currently available and is much more than just an electrolyte. Use Turbo-Mag BCAA for horses that do not sweat or do not sweat enough, have a history of impaction colic, lack stamina or energy especially under hot/humid conditions, are susceptible to transportation stress, have a history of tying up (especially fillies), or exhibit reduced water consumption (especially when traveling to shows or similar events, or cold weather) and horses in need of extra support for muscle function or horses that exhibit muscle soreness after exercise.

1 scoop = 50g

Turbo-Mag BCAA Guaranteed Analysis per 100 gms:

(Note: Turbo-Mag can be fed at the rate of 50 – 400 gms per day)