Total Comfort System Nassau Double Bridle

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The patent pending Tota Comfort Noseband is designed decrease the force on the horse’s poll, TMJ and the nerves along the side of the face. The TCS Nassau dressage bridle features a padded pro-comfort double buckle headstall that helps to amplify the effects of our revolutionary noseband design.

The Nassau dressage bridle features our Tota Comfort System Noseband on a generously padded pro-comfort double buckle headstall with a crystal wave browband. The bridle also comes with a set of stopped & plain reins,easy open twist studs on all fastenings, and is available in cob, full and oversize. Cheek pieces are an elegant half inch wide to flatter the horse’s profile and has a 4cm Tota Comfort Noseband that is 2.25 inches wide.