ThinLine Woven Wool Square Cotton Dressage Pad

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Reduces Rider Movement * Protects Backs * Creates Better Saddle Fit * Improves Performance

Ultra ThinLine is sewn on top of the high-quality cotton with medical grade sheepskin under the panels and at the front roll. Underneath the Ultra ThinLine layer is a pocket to insert shims to help with minor saddle fit adjustments.

This is one of the finest ThinLine products.

You will see and feel an increased performance in how horses lift their backs. Riders will sit closer, quieter, and will be able to do more with lighter aids.

What are the Effects of ThinLine Tack?

“The manner in which this product absorbs motion encourages horses to move through the back. ThinLine receive stories daily of how ThinLine saddle pads have improved a horse’s movement or a rider’s ability to sit their horse’s gaits. These riders tell ThinLine they have little or no back strain and that their horses are working better and happier. It’s a two-way street of comfort, preventing problems, resolving challenges and just having better communication.”

What is ThinLine?

ThinLine incorporates a unique, open cell technology which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. The result is 95% shock absorption. The magic lies in the way ThinLine absorbs shock but allows the rider to truly feel the horses back.  Motion is reduced by the rider and the horse and rider can work together in unison. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or and FEI Rider ThinLine improves comfort, communication and equitation.


Measures 21.5″ long along the spine (19″ behind the front roll) and 21″ in flap length.

Care Instructions

ThinLine Sheepskin products are made with 100% medical grade merino wool on a real (nonsynthetic) hide. Please follow care instructions to ensure your product stays under your full year warranty. We recommend Eucalan sheepskin wash. Cold water, rinse thoroughly. Use spin cycle in washer or squeeze by hand. Allow drying naturally. No heat source: no sun or dryers. A fan will speed the drying process.  Feel free to place paper or sham wow towels in the pocket under the Ultra ThinLine to speed drying as well.  Move and stretch the leather as it dries. Don’t pull on the fibers until dry. Brush between rides. We love to use a little scotch guard on the white rolls to keep stains at bay.  Take care of your pad and it will take care of you and your horse.