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Fitting Horses to Improve Comfort and Performance
Immune Health Program
Immune Health Program
Immune Health Program

Immune Health Program

$326.00 USD

30 Day Supply

A daily program to help your horse re-establish normal function of his or her immune system.

Your horse’s immune system can either be under active, over active or normal. Many horse’s that develop skin problems related to allergens such as fungus, insect bites, food borne allergies and other environmental agents do so as a result of an immune system that is not functioning correctly. Approximately 60% - 70% of your horse’s immune system is found in the intestine, therefore, supporting the immune function of intestinal cells is the foundation of supporting normal immune function throughout your horse’s body.

Horses receiving EquiVision’s Immune Health Program have:

  • Been able to discontinue allergy shots
  • Desired resistance towards skin disorders such as rain rot or Florida sores
  • Demonstrated reduced sensitivity to developing hives as a result of food borne, insect or environmental allergies

The Immune Health Program includes ADR Paste, ADR Powder, Fish Oil Factor to support intestinal immunity and E/C to support cellular immunity.