21-Day Hind Gut Health Program

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The fastest and most effective way to improve your horse’s intestinal health and function

A 21 day program to:

  1. Re-set your horse’s hind gut fermentation and pH
  2. Support your horse’s desired intestinal immune response
  3. Provide anti-inflammatory activity for the intestine

In just 21 days or less use EquiVision’s Hind Gut Health Program to:

  • Improve your horse’s attitude towards work
  • Support normal digestive function in horses with a history of chronic colic
  • Support normal consistency of your horse’s manure
  • Improve your horse’s ability to maintain desired body condition
  • Support normal insulin sensitivity
  • Support your horse’s desired energy level and stamina
  • Improve your horse’s lateral flexion (a horse with an inflamed intestine cannot flex freely)

The Hind Gut Health Program comes conveniently pre-packaged in an easy to carry box with a daily check list to help you feed or dose the correct product in the correct amount to achieve optimal effectiveness.

The Hind Gut Health Program includes ADR Paste, ADR Powder and Fish Oil Factor.

NOTE: Works in 21 days but contains 30 servings of product.