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The Bit Lady

Posted by Felicia Sackett on

The Bit Lady

We wanted to share with everyone a little bit about The Bit Lady and her clinics!  

Kim Gentry, an International Grand Prix Dressage Rider, was affectionately dubbed "The Bit Lady" by her clients after starting Bits N' Such.  

Kim travels throughout the country fitting horses for bits and bridles.  Her motto is find the right bit and bridle for each horse and rider regardless of the brand and what’s trendy!  As a trainer, it is important to Kim that she brings an unbiased opinion to her clients. This is her motto because, when the horse finds the right bit and bridle combination the result is a happier, more relaxed and willing horse and a happier rider.

There are two key factors that make a Bits N' Such clinics different.  One is that Kim is unique as a bit fitter in that she has the experience and training of an International Grand Prix Dressage rider, a USDF Certified Instructor and a USDF “L” graduate with Distinction.  Kim can bring her expertise of professional riding, horse anatomy, and bit knowledge to each of her clients.  She often conducts clinics in a symposium type format with Q&A from auditors and her clinics have been approved for USDF University credit. Her clinics are known to be both educational and entertaining as she is a dynamic and engaging speaker!

The second difference is the number of brands Kim offers.  She brings Herm Sprenger bits, Bomber bits, Neue Schule bits, Nathe bits, Myler bits, and Stubben bits, along with Passier bridles, Schockemohle bridles and Tota Comfort System bridles to her clinics.  This gives riders (and horses) a wide variety of products to find the perfect fit for them.

Kim wanted to give riders a place to go where they could trust in the quality of the products they purchased. Everything that Bits N' Such fits has been tested, used and approved by Kim. The brands that Kim works with are trusted brands with high quality products.  Many of the brands have a long history in the equestrian world.

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Please check back often for news, informational pieces, and wisdom from Kim! 


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