Uvex Suxxeed Galmour Helmet

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This riding helmet comes with sophisticated Swarovski® crystals paired with black velour effect. It has an excellent ventilation and this riding helmet is of course suitable for spectacle wearers. The riding helmet has an Alcantara helmet cover.

The Uvex Suxxeed Glamour is a stunning premium show helmet made in Germany that combines the elegance of a traditional dressage top hat with advanced protective technologies. Well - ventilated, lightweight and sophisticated the Suxxeed Glamour features an Alcantara® synthetic suede cover with a beautiful velour effect, and a subtly shimmering top that is tastefully embellished with Swarovski® crystal elements. Offering hardshell technology for maximum protection and superb wearing comfort, this top - quality helmet is comprised of an injection molded outer shell with an EPS inner shell. This results in a highly effective combination: impact - resistant outside, shock absorbing and insulating inside. The Suxxeed Glamour is fully adjustable to accommodate individual head shapes with precision. The Individual Adapting System IAS - 3D adjusts in length, width, height and circumference to provide a perfect customized fit. The monomatic comfort closure is easy to adjust with one hand, ensuring the chin strap always sits perfectly. The straps are covered in a high - quality synthetic leather and feature FAS, a Fast Adapting System that continuously adapts to your head and keeps the helmet firmly and securely placed at all times, with straps always in the best position. The built - in circulation channels provide optimum ventilation, helping to keep you cool and dry throughout your ride. This dazzling, low - profile helmet with a covered brim is suitable for eyeglass wearers and designed to meet US and European Safety Standards. ASTM F1163 - 15/SEI certified. Black or Blue or Brown. Imported.