ThinLine Velcro Bell Boot

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  • Made with a strong, synthetic, outer shell and lined with shock absorbing ThinLine material.
  • Offers impact protection superior to other bell boots. Designed to protect the horse during work or turnout.
  • Built slightly shorter than most turnout boots and will not interfere with work.
  • ThinLine will not absorb water and does not generate heat.
  • Anti-fungal to protect against fungus and rain rot.

This boot is designed for working horses. Especially loved by reiners for spinning. Jumpers and eventers to protect from fences and dressage horses who over-reach or are just learning piaffe and need a little help to make sure they stay safe and sound.

Care Instructions: Bell boots can be hosed or sponged off with water or wiped down with ThinLine Cleaners. They can be machine washed, any machine with no agitator, with a mild detergent. Hang boots to dry. Machine wash in cold water.