Schockemohle Olymp Anatomical Girth

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Innovative leather jumping girth with anatomic shape and stud guard. The wide and enhanced centre plate at the chest distributes the pressure evenly and ensures a high wearing comfort. OLYMP stands out by giving plenty freedom of movement due to padded and cut back areas at the elbow. Elastic at both ends makes tightening the girth easy. The sturdy centre plate features an inserted carabiner; there are additional D-rings at the sides.

  • anatomic leather girth with stud guard
  • for perfect comfort softly padded with leather
  • cut-out areas for more elbow movement
  • wide centre plate for perfect pressure distribution on chest strong belly part with snap hook
  • D-rings on sides
  • elastic on both sides


  • 115 | 120 | 125 | 130 | 135 | 140

Brown or Black