Schockemohle Durasoft Grip Reins

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DURASOFT REINS GRIP: An innovative, new reins with tear-resistant nylon core. With the complete reins - including bite loop - a tear-resistant webbing is inserted. Its core tissue is comparable to the material of a safety belt. The processed leather is hard-wearing but also extra-soft and supple. The reins are particularly grippy thanks to the incorporated leather webs in combination with the rubberized underside. The reins have martingale stoppers and are 16 mm wide.

  • Reins including bite loop with tear-resistant nylon core
  • crossed with tear-resistant webbing
  • Nuclear tissue comparable to safety belt
  • extra-soft leather with high suppleness
  • incorporated stopper 
  • Rubberized bottom and extra grip
  • martingale
  • 16mm wide
  • high quality leather